It’s Our One Month!


It’s The Hive’s one month birthday. Today!

Hard to believe it’s only been a month. I’ve experienced so many emotions and jumped on a whole new learning curve. So much has happened in the last 4 weeks!

Top 3 lessons I’ve learned as a new studio owner:

1. My personal practice and systems of self-care must be a priority. Ok, you may be thinking DUH— but actually incorporating this lesson into the everyday? Tricky business. (I’m going to write more about this later in the week. Lots of questions around this still!)

2. Even though it feels like we’ve been open for a long time, the truth is that the studio is still in her infancy and my expectations need to reflect that reality. Over the past weeks it’s become all too obvious the way I (and I suspect many people) sabotage my best efforts with wild expectations that don’t accurately incorporate the big picture.

I’m a person who is used to extreme swings of the pendulum.

New thought: Just because you’re accustomed to something, Melissa, doesn’t mean it’s healthy or that you have to continue experiencing it. Whatever “it” might be.

Accurately interpreting what’s happening (not allowing emotions to cloud my view) and responding appropriately to the situation (not reacting on either end of the emotional scale) :

  1. eliminates A SUPER DUPER amount of drama in my already crowded mind
  2. helps me cultivate and sustain a positive attitude
  3. allows me to establish expectations based on MY value system and MY goals, rather than what I think I should be doing or using someone else’s “success measuring stick”

Yes, this too is tricky business AND at the same time, the discomfort I experience from really sticking to #2 is significantly less than the craziness I experience when I’m freakin’ out and stressing out.


3. Taking care of the clients and community who show up and do the work is way more important than imaginary clients who are “out there” somewhere. During our free week of classes, most of the time slots were pretty full. Once it was time to register and pay for classes, we had fewer folks practicing at the studio. In my lil’doggie brain, this was good because it gave me an opportunity to get the hang of navigating studio owner and teacher life. Then as I thought about it, I realized that there isn’t anyone more important than the folks sitting in right in front of me on their mat.

Whether it’s a room full of folks or just one person, if I’m truly committed to the present moment that one person is the most important thing in-that-moment. They showed up. They are practicing and contributing to the community. Would it be nice to have more clients? Yes. Do I trust that my business will be successful and more clients will fill The Hive? Yes. Will it take a tremendous amount of patience and time? YES.

In the meantime, I get the privilege of working closely with a small but growing community of folks committed to the practice. I know everyone’s name and learning more about each one. I get to watch how they meet a challenge. I get to observe as their bellies fill with breath and feel the way the energy changes in the room as they exhale and soften. We get to learn together what it means to be The Hive Community.

Seriously, why would I want to get distracted from that? It might not be a sound business plan when evaluated by new business standards (are there even new business standards? I think I just made that up!), but it’s my business plan….which leads me to the BONUS LESSON.

I’ve never done anything traditionally or in the way it might have made sense to others. Why would I try it any differently now? This is what I want to do. I feel called to teach and in the deepest part of my marrow believe I’m meant to do this Work. Yes it’s scary and crazy and exciting and frustrating and inspiring and maddening AND (breathing) I can’t think about anything else or talk about anything else. Not because of the scary aspects but because when I’m consumed with the Work of it, when I’m connecting with the community, I lose sense of time and me and them and you. As I wrote on Facebook recently, “the Universe has a pretty good track record.” It feels a little self-indulgent for me to start doubting now.

We are all constantly on a learning curve (whether we want to admit it or not). If you think over the last four weeks, have you uncovered any bonus lessons? Please share with us your favorite BONUS LESSON (from the past 4 weeks or whenever) and we’ll draw a winner from the comments. This post’s lucky commenter will win a $13 Hive gift certificate good for a drop-in or you can apply it to any of our class passes.

16 Responses to It’s Our One Month!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Bonus lesson!!! When Melissa says that the hips are tied to emotions and the past, she means it. It wasn’t an immediate response but after the beginner class I had some stuff subtly creep up out of nowhere. Dealing with it now, thought it was healed, but glad it’s out.

    • Melissa Lopez says:

      Glad whatever it is made it’s way out too. Now there’s more room for your giggle and smiles :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gail says:

    Happy One Month!
    My bonus lesson has been muscle memory. Over the past year and a half, I let go of the first two lessons you listed because I was so wrapped up in my business. When I didn’t take care of my body and give myself some Yin time, all other lessons came crashing. I let things get the best of me and almost forgot that things didn’t have to be so stressful. Something started surfacing after you talked about muscle memory in the first class. I started to understand that muscle memory wasn’t just physical and what I can make my body do. It’s also in our practice and what we choose to strengthen in our mind and habits. And yes, my body remembers how to seperate my upper abs from my lower abs. But I also remember how to breathe into the resistance of life and remain open to whatever may arise. I just have to choose what energy I want to put into motion.

    • Melissa Lopez says:

      GAIL! This: “I also remember how to breathe into the resistance of life and remain open to whatever may arise”. If Pema were here, she’d probs give you a big hug (and then say, no big deal…giggle…) So grateful that our orbits are crossing again <3

  3. Judy Keys says:

    Hi Melissa,
    First of all Happy 1 month anniversary…I truly believe that it is life’s celebrations that get us through the difficult times in our lives! So CELEBRATE!!!!! That being said I think you are doing an AMAZING job..and it has been fun for me to watch you grow as a teacher in such a short time! The most important thing that I have learned since my practice with you is to BREATHE. Even though it is something we do without thinking I now make the effort to do it with thought, dedication and completeness.
    Keep up the good work! I am enjoying the journey!

    • Melissa Lopez says:

      Hey Judy~ I’m so with you on celebrating when the opportunity arrives! You’ve been a sweet supporter since the first free class. Grateful for your energy and your new awareness around breathing! Yay!

  4. stacey francis says:

    Happy 1st month! I have truly enjoyed practicing with you. Your knowledge. of. yoga is amazing. I cant wait to continue on this journey, i have a long way to go but. feel i can acheive my goals with you as my instructor!

  5. Heather (HP) says:

    BONUS LESSON on anger:
    I caught my anger flaring about 2 weeks ago. Like really flaring. It died out pretty quickly….but, the next day, I felt the need to explore this anger. As I looked at it from every angle I realized that my unrealistic expectations led to incredible disappointment. I was so disappointed that I became actively angry. It was all about me and how I was looking at & experiencing the situation vs. “what someone had done to me” I really had nothing to be angry about at all but a lesson to learn.

    • Melissa Lopez says:

      So good to “read” you here, Heather :) This especially hit home for me: “I realized that my unrealistic expectations led to incredible disappointment”. TRUTH.

  6. Hannah Copa says:

    Happy one month anniversary! It’s exciting for you and for myself because this anniversary is the one month mile marker of my yoga journey. Now…to focus on one bonus lesson. You and the art of yoga have taught me so much during this last month. Before starting yoga I always felt frantic. Anxiety comes easy to me, it’s like breathing. It was possible for me to feel sick from my anxiety. I never wanted to be medicated though. Yoga has reduced my anxiety by at least half. My brain is always running crazy but during 60 minutes of yoga I can focus on my poses and breathing and that’s it. I literally can breathe out my negative thoughts. You taught me that. You gave me the confidence to practice yoga where ever I am at, whenever I start to feel anxious. Along with my anxiety I have the tendency to over do everything. I always put so much energy into my work because I want to be the best. You have taught me that being the best doesn’t matter when it comes to yoga. Yoga is about a personal journey that’s causes people to grow in many ways. I could go on about yoga forever and how it’s an empowering way to go on a personal journey but ill save those words for the speeches I give to people daily now about how amazing yoga is. Namaste :)

    • Melissa Lopez says:

      Hannah! Reading this made me all emotional and gave me a HUGE namaste smile! And I’m excited that you totally get Yoga: “Yoga is about a personal journey that’s causes people to grow in many ways.” <3

  7. evelyn otis says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! I love being at the Hive. When I walk into the studio, it’s like I get this overwhelming feeling of…”Finally”. I guess the lesson I have learned is that “I” am important. That may sound silly to some, but when your a mother of two, a housewife, the “old lady” (as my man likes to call me), a sister and a daughter to people that rely on you, you don’t get to be selfish. Well, in my practice at the Hive, I am realizing that taking care of myself and taking time out for me is not being selfish. It’s important and makes life for me and everyone surrounding me better. I started losing weight about 10 months ago, after baby #2 arrived. Currently I am down more then 50 pounds. But in my weight loss journey, I have never felt happy about working out or exercise. I just wanted to be able to fit into my old clothes and still look attractive to my “old man”. lol It took me until this month, to realize that I need to be healthy for me, and that doing yoga is relaxing and it makes me feel good! And that Zumba class is really fun, and I enjoy it! I smile for the whole hour. In Yoga class with Melissa, I try to smile, but she always has to remind me to “loosen your jaw and relax your face” (lesson #2 I guess). So this month I learned that I am important not just to my family, but to me! And I am the only me there is so that must mean something! <3 THANK YOU!!!!!!

  8. Supreme Post…Tanks 4 sharing!

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