Open. For realface.

When I found out a car had crashed IMG_17371_1423433125802_13175318_ver1.0_640_480into the side of my building, I’d been dancing and enjoying a day filled with great friends, music, food and drink. There were still several hours left for fun and I knew that no one had been hurt in the accident. I had a 2 options (it was a Sunday evening around 7:30):


1. Go into Fix it Mode (aka as FREAK OUT Mode) and try to figure things out and make it better.

2. Admit I had NO CONTROL over the situation and continue enjoying myself. (and not half-ass enjoying myself, but really accepting that I couldn’t do anything and still had SO MUCH for to be grateful!)

Before I started practicing, I could make a mountain out of half a grain of sand.                Drama. Queen. Car crashing into my studio: who needs a mountain? The current situation was perfect fodder for a whole continent of drama.

My word for this year is OPEN. Ha! Sure didn’t take long for the Multiverse to test me, huh? Since the accident, I’ve been trying to be as open as possible to whatever energy/lesson is coming through. I mean geesh. A car literally crashed into the side of my home away from home. Something is trying to break through into my life. It’s not helpful to freak out or ignore any of the zillion emotions rolling around in my mind and heart. I’m trying to stay in the process and greet whatever comes as if I’ve invited it. While this may be tricky business, it would be nice to understand the lesson this time. Ya know?



Then there’s the community and outpouring of support I’ve received over the last few days. I’m clear that The Hive isn’t about 4 walls, but the connections and practice we’ve cultivated over the last 21 months together. We can practice anywhere. WE are The Hive.



We. You. Even if you’ve never practiced at the studio. If you’re reading this, you are connected to this community. There are LOTS of folks thinking about us AND I’m pretty confident that the Multiverse isn’t a tease.  Oh no. We don’t get to taste the sweetness of practicing in community together and then have it snatched it away. THIS is why we practice. We practice with the little things so that when the car crashes into one of your walls, you’ve got the tools and resources you need at your fingertips.

Whew. Grateful. That’s how I’m feeling right now. ‘Twas about to write that I’ll figure it out, but it’s not just “I” anymore. It’s we. We. The Hive, in all of its configurations will figure this out.



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