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Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

Near the end of July, I implemented a Daily Practice Challenge at the studio and included both bellydance and yoga students. I’ve been frustrated by my efforts around practice in general (both yoga and bellydance) and needed accountabilibuddies to help me figure it out. The Hive feels much like a laboratory to me and becauseContinue Reading

Progress Over Perfection. Take #32

Progress over Perfection. That phrase has been a guiding light for me over the past many months. During the Hive’s repair, it was difficult for me to see any progress. Even though I understood rationally that the accident wasn’t a punishment from the Multiverse, it took a LOT of energy to stay in a moreContinue Reading

Habit. (and not the kind Nuns wear)

Since my retreat in October, I’ve been immersed in a state of forgiving mySelf. In the past, I’ve been known to blame mySelf and take responsibility for EVERYTHING. Seriously. I mean everything. Even stuff that didn’t have anything to do with me.  When I take responsibility for stuff, it provides me with the illusion thatContinue Reading

Open. For realface.

When I found out a car had crashed into the side of my building, I’d been dancing and enjoying a day filled with great friends, music, food and drink. There were still several hours left for fun and I knew that no one had been hurt in the accident. I had a 2 options (it wasContinue Reading

Upper Limits

Upper limit problem. Laura, my co-detective when it comes to sussing out the inner workings of Me, and I have been talking a LOT about this recently.  We’ve been talking specifically about happiness. The idea that we, or I (let me speak for myself), have grown accustomed to a certain level of happiness. As I beginContinue Reading

Deep Space: The Final Frontier -or- How I learned to become a Warrior Monk

I’ve been thinking lots about what it means to be my biggest self and why I sometimes choose to play it small. Whether it’s conscious or not, each moment provides me the opportunity to choose between LOVE and FEAR. (BREATHE, Melissa) Before I went on retreat, there was so much fear around this notion ofContinue Reading


Kathryn Budig, an international yoga instructor known for her excellent instruction and strong inversion (upside down) practice, came to Cleveland this weekend to teach a series of workshops. I must tell you that 15 months ago, I was petrified—clammy hands and forget about butterflies in my tummy, I’m talking a stampede of elephants pounding fromContinue Reading

Not enough ___________. You fill in the blank.

  Scarcity thinking. Me? Nuh-uh. I’m a gratitude junky. Just take a look at my Facebook timeline or spend a day with me. I’m always giving thanks for my many blessings. And—in the same moment, I’m feeling like there’s never enough time to get everything done. CONFESSION. As I’ve grown accustomed to my teaching scheduleContinue Reading

A Legacy of LOVE

It’s time to return to my “normal” routine. Today marks a week that my Mamá died. Time has had such a different quality over the last 7 days…well, really over the last several weeks. We held vigil for her. Singing at her bedside, praying, helping her Spirit fly free from the heaviness of this corporalContinue Reading

Should I ask? I’m just not sure.

A student thanked me this morning for creating space during class for questions. While I haven’t had a lot of studio practice experience (my practice has been primarily at home) there have been times when the instructor provided cues that didn’t necessarily jive with my anatomy or maybe I was a bit confused and IContinue Reading