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What kind of yoga do you practice at The Hive?

We practice a mix of Hatha and Vinyasa alignment based yoga. Melissa is the primary instructor and most likely the person leading your classes! She received her yoga teacher training from Tiffany Cruikshank and her style of teaching is heavily influenced by 20 years of movement instruction, 10 years of dance experience and 15 years of leading small to large group educational experiences. Because Melissa is the only instructor, she tailors each class to fit the needs of the gathered students—she knows everyone! Practicing at The Hive is a unique experience in the yoga world. We hope you’ll give our studio a try!

What do I need for class?

It’s always nice to have your own mat, but we do have some for borrowing at the studio. If you do decide to purchase a new mat, stay away from anything with cushion. A general exercise mat won’t provide the stability you need to keep your heels/ankles and wrists aligned. You don’t need to spend a lot, but purchase a mat specifically for yoga!

Beginner Series (No Experience-Novice Level Student)  

Monday   6pm-7pm           

This is a TRUE beginner’s class, where students will learn the foundation of movement in the body. Prepare to experience a non-judgmental, safe environment in which to give yoga a try. This 4 week series provides the exact kind of support new-to-yoga students need to start feeling the benefits of a yoga practice immediately. We pride ourselves in creating a non-threatening, safe environment. Students will learn to appreciate and work with the body they’re in NOW. No experience necessary. Students don’t need to be flexible or feel strong—you are coming to class to develop flexibility and strength.

Participants will experience:

~specific instructions on how to execute each posture

~guidance on breathing techniques to help calm the nervous system

~a safe, calm, quiet atmosphere

~a no-judgment zone

~a strong emphasis on the core, developing abdominal and back strength

~specific instructions on how to use props in order to create more space in the body

Participants expect to feel less pain in the body, gain control over their emotions, anxiety, and stress, while developing strength and flexibility. The Beginner Yoga Series also includes a 4 week unlimited class pass, allowing BRAND NEW students the opportunity to create a new yoga habit!

Beginner’s Open Class (Beginner Level Student)

Wednesday 6pm-7pm

This class includes more postures than the Beginner Series class on Mondays at 6pm, but still moves at a Beginner pace. While students will build on the skills covered in the Monday class, this Wednesday class can be taken independently! Appropriate for brand new students, students wanting to develop an alignment based practice, students developing strength and flexibility, as well as students enrolled in the Beginner Series.

Beyond Beginner Series (Some Yoga Experience, Intermediate Beginner)

Monday 7:15pm 

Build on your experience after attending The Hive’s Beginner Yoga classes and learn to move continuously through flowing, sequenced, postures.

Students will learn and practice the Vinyasa, a short sequence of postures used often in flow based classes. Expect lots of instruction on how to use the core to support transitions as well as time spent weight bearing on the hands.

This class is appropriate for folks with some yoga experience looking to improve alignment and endurance in order to create more intensity in their practice.

Yoga Flow (Intermediate/Advanced Level Student)

Tuesday/Thursday 6pm-7pm

This class is for the student who has attended The Hive’s Yoga for Beginner Series and feels ready to move forward in the physical aspect of their practice and/OR students with some yoga experience. Participants in this class will experience a higher intensity created by connecting postures together in a flowing sequence. Students will receive specific instruction for each posture and transitions between postures, as well as the opportunity to explore using props to bring greater ease into their practice. Participants should expect a strong emphasis on movement from the core (in addition to the abdominals, including the pelvic floor, back and inner leg muscles), as well as a strong breath practice.

Gentle, Relaxation w/Meditation (All Levels- No Experience)

Wed 7:15pm-8:15pm

In this gentle Yin* based yoga class, students focus on relaxing the body and mind. Each class also includes a breath practice (pranyama) and mindfulness meditation.

Intensity Level: Appropriate for ANY person, regardless of experience level. Folks interested in deep relaxation, stress moderation, and calming the nervous system: this class is for you!

*Yin Yoga— slow-paced style of yoga with postures that are held for longer periods of time—

Community Class (All Levels)

Saturday 9:30am-10:30am

This is REALLY an all levels class! Melissa, our instructor, is able to provide the exact right instruction to meet the needs of all the students in class. This is an EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY to explore having more control over the intensity of your practice. Modifications and guidance will be offered throughout class to increase or decrease the intensity of your experience. It’s fun to practice with the whole community! As in all our classes, expect a strong focus on the core, breath-work, and alignment based movement.



A Word about Finances

Yoga is for EVERYONE! It’s important to us that we make our classes accessible to as many people as possible. If you are experiencing a financial hardship and want to try yoga at The Hive, please email Melissa for more information about our scholarship program. We’re serious about this! You won’t be judged. Reach out and see what might be possible for you!


Tribal Fusion Bellydance at The Hive

Bellydance for Beginners—Introduction to Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Thursday 7:15pm-8:15pm (New sessions begin every 8 weeks.)

Open to anyone, regardless of experience level, this class introduces participants to beginning tribal fusion bellydance technique and aesthetics. Appropriate for brand new students, folks looking for a fun, low impact but highly effective workout, students interested in drilling and getting extra practice time. This is an 8 week series.

Level 1 Fusion Bellydance Technique and Conditioning

Saturday 10:45am-11:45am                                                                                                      

Open to students who have completed a minimum of one session of Introduction to Tribal Fusion Bellydance. Begin to develop your dance practice. This class will include yoga to help condition and prepare the body for drilling isolations as a method to developing the technique necessary for fusion bellydance. This class is appropriate for anyone interested in a vigorous full body workout, including increased heart rate. This class is also helpful for students wishing to test into Level 3-Fusion Bellydance Technique and Choreography.

Level 2 Tribal Fusion Choreography                       

Thursday 8:30pm-9:30pm

Open to students who have completed a minimum of one session of Introduction to Tribal Fusion Bellydance. In this class, students will advance their technique by learning new choreographies based on tribal fusion technique and aesthetics. In addition to shapes and movements derived from American Tribal Style Bellydance created by Carolena Nericcio, students will be introduced to isolations, shapes, and techniques derived from other styles of dance in general, many styles of bellydance, and other ethnic dance forms. This class is appropriate for anyone who has completed the Intro class, loves dancing, and wants to apply what they are learning to make dances!

Level 3 Hive Technique and Choreography

Tuesday 7:15pm-8:15pm

This is an intermediate/advanced class open to students who have met the pre-requisites as outlined in the Choreography and Technique checklist. There will be multiple opportunities for students to have skills evaluated throughout the programming year. This class is appropriate for serious students who have successfully completed the Choreography and Technique Evaluation and developed a dance practice that includes regular home practice.

Level 4 The Hive Fusion Bellydance Performance Class

Tuesday 8:30pm-9:30pm

Open to students by invitation only. Prospective students interested in attending this class should contact Melissa (primary instructor at The Hive 440-225-1833). This class is appropriate for the serious student who demonstrates the following characteristics over time:

Dance Practice Expectations for Participation in Level 4 Classes:

-consistent class attendance

-independently develops a personal dance practice

-independent and regular home practice

-independently and actively seeks supplementary dance education opportunities and incorporates new learnings into their dance practice

-takes the initiative when it comes to dance in the student’s life

-participates regularly in performance opportunities

-open to instructor feedback and applies practice suggestions


Dance Technique Expectations for Participation in Level 4 Classes:

-demonstrate successful execution in the following areas:

-isolations and the ability to isolate head, chest, arm, belly, pelvis, hips and feet

-isolations are clear and articulate

-ability to layer multiple movements

-ability to move across the floor

-ability to learn and memorize choreographies in shorter and shorter periods of time

-ability to recover in performance situations without affecting performance quality

-ability to self-correct

Private Yoga Sessions

Deepen your understanding of the practice.
Have a class crafted to your specific health concerns.
Private sessions available for one, two or three students at a time in the studio.

Hosting a special event?

Consider incorporating Bellydance, Yoga, and/or Henna Artistry!

Corporate Team Building
Birthday Parties
Girls Night Out
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Baby Showers